Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Product launch formula 2

Product launch formula 2

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Product launch formula 2 is in pre launch. Product launch formula 2 download should be available soon. Jeff Walker is going to announce this.

Jeff Walker is a leading internet marketer who has made a six figure income within seven days. Jeff Walker says, "You cannot imagine the thrill of getting your first order over the internet. I remember when I sent out my first sales letter back in 1996. I did it late at night and then I went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up there was a $700.00 order from Switzerland... you want to talk about being on top of the world - that $700.00 was 100% pure profit!

Now you are almost surely in a much better spot than I was, because that extra $700.00 really made a huge impact on my family. In those days, that was an unheard of windfall for us.

Since then I have gotten to know a lot of other successful internet publishers, and just about every one of them had a similar experience when they started their business. And after eight years online, getting new orders is something I have yet to get sick of."

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Get your product launched successfully

Get your product launched successfully

Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE!

Product Launch Formula was created by Jeff Walker, a leading internet guru. After the stupendous success of Product Launch Formula he is launching Product Launch Formula 2 now. If you don't know Jeff Walker, then I am pleased to let you know that he is the one who made six figures in a seven day period.

Jeff says, I have a huge passion for the internet publishing business, and I love sharing it with people.Now I want to be absolutely clear here - not all of my motivations are so altruistic. You can rest assured that I will make a very nice profit from this web site.

After all, that is what I do - I put together profitable web sites. And I am going to turn this one into a very nice profit center - just watch me. In fact, I am going to let you see how I do it as I go along.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Product Launch Formula 2

Product Launch Formula 2

Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE !

If you want to get REAL case studies to find out more about product launches, then join Product Launch Formula 2.

Some people think product launches are a bunch of guru hype. All those “big name” guys just get their buddies to send a bunch of email about something, they make a million bucks, and then they go party like rock stars in Las Vegas.

And I suppose that stuff does happen. In fact, I actually KNOW it happens.

But the reality is there’s a bunch of regular folks who are doing product launches in all sorts of regular markets (or even some tiny little weird markets) and making small fortunes.

John Gallagher did it teaching people about "medicinal and edible herbs and plants." Todd Brown did it in the massage therapy market... with a list of only 312 people. And Jane Savoie did it in the "dressage" market (dressage is HORSE BALLET (no, really) - and she made $140,000 lauching a product to 817 people - you MUST hear this case study). Product launch formula 2 shows these case studies and teaches you to make a six figure income.